Our goal is to provide cabinetry, countertops, hardware, internal accessories, undercabinet lighting, tile- everything you need to outfit your new space. Our company is set up to assist you and your general contractor/remodeler to create your new space. See our process page to further see how we work. Do you need a general contractor to help you with plumbing, electrical, and construction? We can help pair you up with the right one! Let’s talk about your needs.

We put an emphasis on meeting your goals three ways- Aesthetically (because we all want our living spaces to be pretty, right?), Functionally (giving you the best possible use of your space, using internal accessories and unique cabinetry ideas to maximize storage), and Financially (that money part means something too!) We want you to be comfortable with the dollars you are spending, and we also want to make sure the way you are improving the space is a wise financial move for your property and its value…

Please note: we are not your general contractor. Our goal is to provide cabinetry, countertops, tile, and installation of those items. We are not plumbers, electricians or framers!!! We are more than happy to be a support and partner with those trades as a service to you. We want to stick to what we do best!