Over 20 years of experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly, balance has been found!! The products we offer are tested and proven to be a good mix to find you your balance of my three key factors of a good interior space- aesthetically, functionally, and financially- Instead of just linking you to these products’ websites, I’d rather tell you what it is about the line that I love, and why I have confidence in these products- enough confidence to sell them to the most important aspect of my business- YOU! THE CUSTOMER!!

Cabico Custom Cabinetry

We look at Cabico Cabinetry as our “International Connection”.. As a premier Canadian cabinet purveyor, Cabico offers a full custom cutting-edge cabinet. They are often able to obtain materials and create unique finishes that we are simply unable to replicate in the states. Also, they highlight making sure the “human touch” is part of your Cabico experience from our first meeting to the last hardware adjustment and touch up at the end of the project!

Cabico has three different series: Elmwood, Unique, and Essence.  I think each deserves a description!

Elmwood: We like to think of Elmwood as our “custom shop in Canada.” They’ve never refused to build any of our design ideas, and many of the custom items we’ve requested in the past have become standard items. Along with offering an array of quality-constructed cabinet boxes, they also offer a spectacular, durable finish. They have some very unique finishes that domestic companies are unable to achieve. Although they are a full custom cabinet company, their endless offerings are very far-reaching, crossing competitively over multiple price points. They have a great customer service team and are committed to getting their finished product delivered here in a timely manner  competitive with like cabinetry lines. Service items are sent through their priority program, promising a faster turnaround. Doors for the cabinets are fabricated within two miles at sister fabrication plants, and the process for their whole setup is just unbelievable. We have forged a great relationship with Elmwood over the years to in turn provide the best customer service to our clients.

Unique: The Unique Series of Cabico cabinetry is a fantastic cabinet with an even better finish. They offer a wide selection of doorstyles (see our wall) and an array of wood species and colors (and custom colors of course!). It’s easy to customize a Unique cabinet for your kitchen specifically, they are ready and able to do something special for you.

Essence: The Essence series is essentially a selection of versions of the most popular colors and styles in the Unique line, adapted to fit a more modest budget, but still offering the same Cabico quality.

Bishop Cabinets

Made in Alabama, Bishop Cabinets is a company started by a builder himself. He noticed a need for a good quality cabinet at a great value and began Jim Bishop cabinetry. From humble beginnings and simple, uncomplicated offerings, Jim Bishop has evolved into a diverse company over the past few years, using their money wisely to grow, going from an oak or maple raised panel cabinet to thousands of door, finish, and color options, and now even offer custom cabinets, colors, and stains-unheard of at semi-custom pricing. They offer both framed and frameless cabinets, overlay and inset. Along with their semi-custom offering, they also provide an “Essentials” cabinet line to help us meet more modest budgets and perhaps provide economical cabinetry for secondary rooms.

Marquis Cabinets

Made in Kansas and Tennesee, Marquis Cabinets offers a great semi-custom cabinet for your dollar spent. They offer both painted and stained cabinets, unique wood species, and offer many items that aren’t often seen at this price point. They offer a standard good-better-best construction offering. These cabinets are great for secondary rooms and modest budgets, but can also stand up to comparable semi-custom cabinets everyday in terms of price, quality, and value. Marquis also offers an “Express” series of stock cabinetry that’s at a fantastic value.


We have chosen the best local sources to provide us with all types of countertops to complement your new cabinetry, including surfaces such as granite, marble, quartz, solid surfacing, wood, concrete, laminate, glass, and cultured marble. We have built strong relationships with our selected fabricators and they have committed to provide us with the best customer service possible.

Hardware & Accessories

We keep a current resource library with all the little embellishments that help make your kitchen uniquely yours… decorative and internal hardware, creative shelving options, decorative metal and glass door inserts…and many other unique accessories, too numerous to name here. As we delve into the design process, we will happily provide options for your individual design based on your specific needs.


LED! The future is here. Undercabinet, decorative, ambient, task… we’ve got lights for you. We have lighting solutions that are as simple as specifying a new outlet for a plug-in, or direct wiring a new solution for lights, there are many options available to us through sources we’ve selected as our favorites.

Tile, Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

We work closely with allied dealers to help guide you to the best value for your needs. There are so many options out there, we make sure to stay educated, and help you make an informed decision, saving you hours of online research.