I’m Ruth Ann. Just me. A hard-working kitchen and bath designer, a child of God, a wife to my sweet Brandon, a dog and cat mama, a daughter, niece, cousin, and friend.
I also have Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Psoriasis, Hypertension, a heart murmur, iron deficiency anemia, and whatever else I can’t think of right now... but... I can’t let that stuff define me or get in my way.
So I’ve been working in design now for over 20 years (I know, I don’t look that old, but it’s true) and as all these things have piled up on me, I surely have faced limitations whether I want to admit it or not. These limitations coupled with exposure to clients’ and friends’ needs have led me to take a closer look at what accessible design really looks like, and how I can take the stigma away and make it an attractive idea.  I started with becoming CLIPP™ (Certified Living in Place Professional) recently, and learned so many things from them about the plethora of issues we have as humans. And I feel to have still just scratched the surface of what needs are out there.
Make Room For Everybody™ is not really a “design style”... it’s a concept... your space, your family, your friends, your “tribe”... your life. We LIVE at home. Many of us WORK at home, some of us spend time SICK at home, some of us have to welcome our grandparents, parents, adult children and/or grandchildren into our home to live! Home is almost never perfect- but it can be comfortable and welcoming for all. When my house is messy, I always say “we live here.”  But our door is always open- to everybody!
Please walk with me through discovering how we can work together to make the whole world “Make Room For Everybody™”
Ruth Ann Taylor Long, CMKBD, CLIPP

Welcome, Guests!

By ruthann | September 15, 2020

Y’all. Sorry for the delay, again! Work is historically busy for this girl! I am incredibly thankful, but I’m like Lord, are you sure all this work was supposed to show up at my doorstep??? I might be slow on a few more posts, I’m going to take the next 3 months and make exercise a…

Black Eyes, Blue Tears….

By ruthann | September 1, 2020

Maybe that’s the name of a song or something, I dunno. Last week on Tuesday morning it was the attention-getter at our house. So I guess the making room for people that fall was left off my “make room for everybody” list. Yes we still have tile floors in the bathroom, no I haven’t invented…

Best Guest Bath in the Galaxy

By ruthann | July 7, 2020

Back to the house tour- Star Wars instead of current events in the US!!! I don’t know about you guys but I am suffering from 2020 Fatigue Syndrome, I don’t think there is a medical code for it yet, but somebody please get somebody to add it! I am going to skip the laundry room…

What about current events?

By ruthann | June 26, 2020

I bet somebody is trying to buy my domain name right now, and it has nothing to do with housing, or living safely in your home. I have been overwhelmed with the news just like you have these past few days, weeks, months, etc. I have 2020 Fatigue Syndrome. I don’t like to get political,…

What makes it special?

By ruthann | June 13, 2020

I just realized in my post about the kitchen, that I haven’t really told you how it makes sense for ‘everybody’- I think the best picture to convey this is this one- Behind the point of view of this pic is the open living room, continuing into this room- so we have one big open…

Let’s Eat, part 2!

By ruthann | June 2, 2020

So let’s go clockwise, this thang is simple but mighty….  We have 9’ ceilings,so decided to maximize the storage by going as high as we could- the upper cabinets hold things we don’t use often, like Smurf glasses, all the Corningware my  and Christmas dishes 🤣🤣.  Please note the wall cabinets on the left and…

The Girls….

By ruthann | May 18, 2020

So you know sometimes I take a break to talk about things that have helped me in my life. Like shelves on the back of laundry, or a plastic “second bowl” for my sink. I need to talk about another thing tonight. More personal. More for the girls….. so you guys can skip this one,…

Let’s Eat- part 1

By ruthann | May 8, 2020

I wanted to break the kitchen into two parts, this is my world (the making of, not the cooking in, har har) and there are so. many. details. So, we left off with the awesome pantry door- we talked about its origin, and how Mindy refinished it for me. I forgot to mention she filled…

Dining ROOM? Not really…

By ruthann | April 25, 2020

It’s not its own room, it’s part of the living room and kitchen, nestled halfway between. Clearly, we didn’t build this house for just us. We’ve got seating for 8+ at the table, 3 at the bar… we are ready for everybody! The left corner of the bench and the soft chair at the far…

Entertaining, yes?

By ruthann | April 10, 2020

Y’all. This TV is huge (79″). It’s the perfect spot to hang out, though if you happen to have any vision impairments. Come on over! Well, not right now. Maybe in a couple of months…… This focal point of the living room is a workhorse though…. it’s our total storage point for the living room.…