Let’s Eat, part 2!

So let’s go clockwise, this thang is simple but mighty…. 

We have 9’ ceilings,so decided to maximize the storage by going as high as we could- the upper cabinets hold things we don’t use often, like Smurf glasses, all the Corningware my  and Christmas dishes 🤣🤣. 

Please note the wall cabinets on the left and right of the window and left and right of the range mirror each other exactly (Ruth Ann’s Rules of Order). The cabinet to the left of the range has all the spices, and some take-out containers to send things home with friends and family. Right of range up top has stuff. Tupperware, pitchers, Brandon’s meal prep containers… The base cabinet to the left of the range sports a wide top drawer for all the utensils. The middle drawer holds Pyrex dishes and the bottom drawer holds a couple more baking pieces and air fryer accessories. The cabinet over the range has a few Disney cups (haha) and mostly ductwork for the range. Right of the range we have a Glideware.

Funny story, my sweet Brandon likes to find all kinds of things on Facebook that may or may not really exist… As we were making the house plans he was like Babe, Babe, Babe (he calls me three times when he is really excited) and says “We have GOT to have this thing… and I’m like 🙄 does this really exist. I had never seen it and this is my career. So I call and get the owner, and I had a great talk with him… He has since sold his product to Rev-A-Shelf and is probably sipping Mai Tais on some island….. we love the Glideware. So it’s a wooden rack on a drawer slide that holds hooks for your pots and pans so they can hang rather than be stacked in a drawer. It’s pretty awesome, and I have used many since. So, big props to Brandon!

In the corner, I have the classic wood lazy Susan in the base and an angled cabinet up top. While these cabinets have tons of space, now that I have lived with them, I have certainly moved away from using these cabinets on the regular. The simple fact is they are both HUGE. The lazy Susan is nice because you can spin it around to get to what you want but the middle of that Susan is hard to reach and it holds SO much stuff it gets cluttered. Up top the angled corner is nice because so many sets of casual dinner plates are larger than the depth of standard wall cabinets so this would give a place to put those (it’s exactly where mine are!) and there is also room to store mugs and cups that are smaller and can line the sides of the cabinets. I mean, look at this thing, I don’t even know what all is in there:

Now to the left and right of the sink: up top, the dishes we use every day to the left, the glasses and cups to the right. Down low, pull out garbage, sink, dishwasher (scrape, rinse, load)… then we have a small pullout to the right of the dishwasher that holds foils and wraps and ziploc bags! Underneath the pull out garbage, a since-discontinued awesome kitchen accessory, a toe kick stepladder! It’s recently been changed in design- it used to have wheels so it would easily slide in and out and they changed the wheels for bumpers- and I am so sad!!

The fridge is another wish-I-hadn’t. I always wanted a built-in fridge. I also like pizza. A large pizza box from Papa John’s will not fit in a built-in fridge. Pizza does not taste as good when it is taken out of its original box….I love the look of a built-in fridge, and I LOVE how long it will preserve fresh food (I am currently eating heirloom tomatoes that are two weeks old and they are still delicious!), but I miss my counter depth French door fridge! 

Ok, we have arrived at the island where my favorite thing is…. so, you already know the island color story, and I still love it every day. 

The far left has our “main” stack of drawers. It stores utensils, gadgets, cup lids, straws, measuring cups, more gadgets…. 

Then. Then. Thennnnn!!! The ice maker. It was our big splurge for the house. It’s a nugget ice machine… oooo they got that good ice! I think this is how we buy friends. This thing is legit. Whenever i go out of town, i come home and thank God for this ice machine!!!

Next to that, another super winner in our world- the microwave drawer. Almost every client I have had in the past 10 years has gotten one and they are great. They cook, keep warm, sensor heat, melt, defrost, soften… all the things!

The laundry room is still a mess, so maybe I will head down the front hall next, Everybody have a good week!