Welcome, Guests!

Y’all. Sorry for the delay, again! Work is historically busy for this girl! I am incredibly thankful, but I’m like Lord, are you sure all this work was supposed to show up at my doorstep??? I might be slow on a few more posts, I’m going to take the next 3 months and make exercise a stern heavy priority. We will talk some more about that later…

For now, back to the tour! 

Our guest bedroom doubles as my very serene “quiet room” (it is also Lucy and Ethel’s quiet room). I believe every home should have a retreat, a quiet place to recharge, ponder, rest, meditate, pray….. whatever retreat means to you. For some people, that’s a master suite, but it ain’t it at our house. I’m just sayin. There are dirty clothes and a dog crate and a hundred projects staring me in the face. It ain’t always pretty (but it will be on the day I take pictures of it to show you!! 😂)

Entering the room to the right, I designed the closet and return wall to perfectly fit my chest of drawers made by my childhood friend Melody Paris Bardowell’s Dad. The bedside table was also made by him. Then there is a small closet, you only get to see the first picture of this, before I filled it up 😬. It’s jam packed with coats, carpet cleaner, luggage, and gifts for friends. The chest of drawers doesn’t actually hold much in the way of clothes- it’s full of memories, wrapping paper, bathing suits and beach towels. 

Brandon bought me an exercise bike upon my return and initial healing time from Mexico. It’s easy to fold and put away, but Imma leave it right here in hopes of better use the next few weeks. This room seems to continually be an in-progress room- this mattress is 20 years old so it’s about time to let it go and we hopefully will be replacing it with another adjustable sleep number bed much like the one in our master, and upgrading from full to queen. Let’s see what other 2020 bombs go off before we spend that cash… The pictures on the wall are all related to my travels, before Brandon and with him too! I could talk about every single piece up there- each one has a special meaning and story, but I’m thinking this would be a VERY LONG POST if I start storytelling of travels.

I moved my recliner in here, so I can rest from my workouts and also do Bible Studies- since my HSCT “quarantine” and the following pandemic quarantine- self improvement has been important to me. I have done a group of studies, and am continuing as we are waiting for this mess to be over so we can settle in with a new church family. Also folded over the chair is one of my Aunt Dink’s famous blankets (yes, she will keep showing up!) So this room has become a very important refuge for me. During the 5 minutes or so that I had this life balance thing figured out, I spent a lot of time in this room, reading and exercising. I hope to make this a priority again starting yesterday! Beside the recliner there are lots of books, most are studies i have completed already, looking for a good book solution for here as well! (as you can also see, the cats jump in the window, look at the blinds 😐)

On the other side of my recliner is one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought, it’s from Pottery Barn and held all my CDs. And they are gone. So here we are, it’s holding the remnants of my chair collection and my favorite lamp of the Chrysler building and my Lane memory box from my senior year of high school. Then we gotta have a tv and at least one DVD player which works easily (my VCR and some movies are under the bed so y’all just don’t worry about that…)… The white chest holds heated blankets and i don’t know what else… so this holds our guests and secretly all our junk. Maybe this is the “make room for everything” room instead of “make room for everybody”. Hey, trying to be efficient over here! Maybe we peek at the hall or doors next before heading to our offices….. Summing up this room- the things that help this room “make room for everybody” gives us another bed to share with traveling friends and family; storage that is easily accessible for me and helpers; wide door openings, Alexa-controlled lamps and ceiling fan/light, and plenty of room to maneuver and exercise!