What makes it special?

I just realized in my post about the kitchen, that I haven’t really told you how it makes sense for ‘everybody’- I think the best picture to convey this is this one-

Behind the point of view of this pic is the open living room, continuing into this room- so we have one big open space- to hear, see, access easily within the room. The dining room table affords easy access to someone to move a chair or slide onto the bench.. The kitchen walkways are large, and easy to navigate- you can stand up, roll up, sit on a stool, or do whatever you need to, however you need to in this space. The space is well lit- There is under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, can lighting, and even the kitchen chandelier can provide light into the kitchen for various purposes. Plenty of easily accessible base cabinet storage is available to adjust access to different items depending on what the users reach and ability is. There is a step ladder located underneath the pull out garbage can in the toe kick to access the taller areas. The pantry can be rolled into for easy access of food items, open shelves provide best visibility. A touch faucet is at the sink to prevent having to reach to adjust handles. A bottom freezer gives equal access to both food preservation areas…. I just felt like I had left out some of those features, yall, it has been a long week hasn’t it! Many blessings over here, my Mama is finally visiting, my Karen has been coming back to help me out (and she helps me SO much), and I have been able to slowly and carefully be visiting with friends and family over the past couple of weeks. Looking forward to some brighter days!!! Have a great weekend!