The Girls….

So you know sometimes I take a break to talk about things that have helped me in my life. Like shelves on the back of laundry, or a plastic “second bowl” for my sink. I need to talk about another thing tonight. More personal. More for the girls….. so you guys can skip this one, unless you think it could benefit your wife…

With Multiple Sclerosis, fatigue is a huge issue, as is in some people “fine motor skills”… so buttoning things, clipping things, hooking things are all problems so people end up gravitating towards clothing that fits that need. This is not just an MS problem. Somebody has an issue with a shoulder, or an elbow, or a knee. Broken, or surgery, chronic pain, posture issues, or tenderness from cancer/surgery. One could also have bladder incontinence and have to change britches alot. (You can laugh at this. You have to laugh when it happens to you, or it happens to you when you are laughing…. I could go on all day about this. My friend tells me all about it. Or it’s me. I’ll let you guess which one it is.)

So Meredith Williams, My oldest friend (she is not that old- I mean we were born 5 days apart and have been friends since we were in the nursery at the hospital….), sells Lularoe clothing. She didn’t introduce me to it but those big shirts and leggings led to an addiction for me. I could dress in a trendy, very put together manner without having to be in clothing that was difficult to put on or made me exhausted just to get dressed. I want to talk about Lularoe another day in another post. I will just start with saying it is awesome. They continue to expand to new pieces- denim (which is awesome and stretchy and I have every color almost) and most recently athleisure (which I don’t have because I dont pretend to athlete. It ain’t happening…) Anyway, check her out, I’ll expand another day. So she told me about this new thing.  When it works and I get passionate about it. I have to share, and why:

RUBY RIBBON. So their slogan is “ditch your bra” … They have a line of shapewear that is out to change the market. I think eventually they will, but I want to tell you how it’s helped me, with my special needs. I’m also hoping to create awareness to them about how much they don’t realize they can help others with special needs, not just mine.  Maybe this can help you too?

Some of you may remember I fell and fractured my shoulder on a cruise a couple of years ago. (This year I am going to have a scooter if we get to go on a cruise… the water is moving, the boat is moving, and I am moving is not a good combination, with or without alcohol consumption.) I have regained almost all my mobility in that arm, but it is not easy to get bras on and off, and it is REALLY not easy to get shapewear on and off in general, and it’s compression all around, Brandon always has to help me get dressed. I’m not that girl, I’m too independent to need help that simple. But the reality is, some of the people of the world need help getting dressed.

So, I listened in on one of their business calls, just to listen, to hear what they are marketing, and one of their catch-phrases is “stepping into Ruby Ribbon”… as a business, but also you literally step into these camisoles that replace your bras. You don’t pull them over your head and get dizzy and fall back on the mattress because you can’t get the dang thing on. Stepping into it (after my first run- there is a little bit of a learning curve) was EASY and I haven’t worn a bra since, and it’s been just over two weeks. This thing is legit. It shapes you and makes sure you look presentable to the world, it is comfortable, it hits just right in all the right places, they fit sizes 32A-52G…..I mean that’s almost “everybody’ they are making room for…

I can think of a gazillion reasons that people could benefit from these camis, and I sure appreciate how they have made my morning prep a little bit easier! I am having a party this week and would love for you to check it out:

Here is a link to the Facebook page where more information and posts will be:

Here is a direct link to my party:

You can also reach out to me. I hope I can solve a problem in your life too!