Best Guest Bath in the Galaxy

Back to the house tour- Star Wars instead of current events in the US!!! I don’t know about you guys but I am suffering from 2020 Fatigue Syndrome, I don’t think there is a medical code for it yet, but somebody please get somebody to add it! I am going to skip the laundry room and our master suite and save it for the end; I want to take some current pictures and it is a hot mess around here. So we’ll skip to the guest room and our offices 🙂 Let’s take on the guest bath first- what a little room, with a lot of details!

Yes, this is what you think it is, wait- no, it’s not halloween decorations. We live like this- it’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite! We had fun with this room, it’s no secret that Brandon is a Star Wars NERD.. so we paid homage to that here. This bathroom is still absolutely accessible and roomy, at least for toileting and sink activities- I have some better long term plans for the fiberglass tub/shower combo (uh huh, I’m gonna get one of these– don’t judge), but felt like we needed to do this now for cost reasons, and we can have some fun with that space later.

I picked this tile absolutely because it is what I wanted- I didn’t realize til later when I saw one of the doors opening on the Star Destroyer, I was like whaaaaaa- unintended design theme. So I claim it.

Our vanity is made of rustic hickory- Amy and I bought a sample for the showroom in rustic hickory, and I don’t sell much of it, but look how great it looks with the floor in the background… the floor is white oak, but I still thought it gave a unique look. I didn’t want the whole house to be white, white, white. The floor rug at the sink is the Millennium Falcon, and the knobs are from– Darth Vader, Death Star, and storm trooper! The LED lighting is on a motion detector, so it provides lighting without needing to turn on a switch; this is a safety feature for sure!

This is my favorite feature of this room- and one I often recommend to clients- it’s a toilet paper holder AND a grab bar!!! Yes- there is blocking in the wall. This serves two purposes, and I need it! It’s an easy, inexpensive way to make your home easy for your tribe!

These towels, LOL- you have to watch Star Wars to get all this stuff!

We have a bidet seat in both baths- if you don’t know what this does, I’ll let you look it up. Come on over when you want to test it out, I know you do. Here is the remote below:

And for some art- you guessed it, movie posters!

These hotel-style towel holders are pretty awesome also, we have them in both baths. There is really nothing special about them, I just wanted them 🙂

The curved shower rod gives you a feeling of having more room inside the shower without taking up floor square footage in the bathroom. The hook, plus the shower rod over the toilet, plus the two below gives a total of four towel bars, which is great for this small space.

Lastly, I love the Delta In2ition shower head series- this is an easy way to have both a handheld and fixed shower head in one! I also recommend these often.

Brandon asked for this shower head, but I said NO:

Oooh wait, I almost forgot- single handle faucets are certainly the easiest type to use for everyone, and it’s so much easier to balance temperature, AND it’s less to clean! See that Thieves soap sitting over there, that’s good stuff too!

‘Til next time!