Do Something!

Sorry my posts have paused. I have lots to tell you, but finishing up something important first…….

When there is world tragedy or drama, sometimes I watch too much of it. I am watching people IN HEALTHCARE wrap up their faces with bandanas, towels, etc. because there are no masks. So I committed to make 50. They won’t protect workers from the corona virus but hopefully they will at least stop the spread and provide a barrier. I know how to sew, and I can’t go help, so I can help from here, doing this. Y’all know I can’t get out in this mess so I am completely stuck at home. It’s a thing, I’m used to it. I have lots of work to do, and “miles to go before I sleep.” But first, Imma finish these masks and get them where they belong. Please, find your way you can help and do something good for those that need us.