Foyer Fun!

So, we really don’t have much of a foyer.. It’s basically a place to get in the door, and by the time you are in, well, you’re in. There is no formality, no hallway…. “welcome” greets you through my Aunt’s aforementioned cross stitch hanging on the wall.

We do have a fun foyer light with an arabesque pattern. Yes, that’s a trend that will probably go by the wayside one of these days, but that’s why they have light stores! We also have arabesque knobs on the doors of the built ins and in the tile backsplash so the consistency follows through. I think consistency, no matter how simple, invokes feelings of comfort, balance, and steadiness. When designing a space, it’s always great to have some kind of underlying theme or consistent “thing” be it a color, a shape, etc…

We have a couple of neat art pieces from friends on the wall as well!  Now… we have some kitschy stuff up there too, but it tells a story. Most of the designer-types say keep your pictures and your cheesy stuff in a more personal space, but I say tell the story! The natural light that comes in from the transom and door lites fall on some Barbie dolls. Huh? Yes.

First, there is a bride and groom Barbie and Ken given to us by Aunt Joyce when we got married. Poor Brandon was the only boy cousin in his age group, so he had to play with Barbie dolls. So now, he has his own! Then two more kinda-Barbie dolls…. Our favorite villains- Maleficent and Darth Vader. If you know one thing about either one of us, you know about this probably. 

Funny story, I got invited to a designer think-tank event in Charlotte a few years ago, didn’t know who would be there, ended up knowing 3-4 people, one of which was my good friend Klaudia who I thought was on the way home from visiting her son on the other side of the world, and she shows up in NC! Surprise!!… anyway, I think maybe we had to disclose our favorite disney character, which she immediately knew my answer. I think the organizer was sad when she realized how hard it was to get a group of professionals from our field together who aren’t already at least acquainted!!! 

Bottom line, these special gifts give us something to talk about with our company!

There are four coat/leash hooks on the wall which double as our “mantle” for stockings at Christmas. We have to double up on the hook for the kitty girls. Shiplap panels hold up the hooks..

What I like best about this space is that it is open, and draws you right into the living room …. that’s next, stay tuned!