Literally making room for EveryBODY…

Y’all, when we decided to build this house, we wanted it to feel like a gathering place, comfortable for many, but also cozy for few. We also wanted to be able to maneuver the space with ease. To me, not knowing whether or not it was a rollator or wheelchair next- I wanted to be able to get around my own house. After all, this is our forever home. We also wanted our visitors to be comfortable and able to easily sit and stand from our furniture. Instead it has turned out we have many who stay too long taking naps because they are toooo comfortable. But that’s ok, we love it.

When the furniture discussion came up, being the designer I am, I gave Brandon two choices: I said ‘redneck recliner’ and I get to choose the rest of the furniture or we can have one of these:

“one of these”

So, I’m ok with said ‘one of these’. It is absolutely soft. FOUR of the chairs have power recliners, and the chaise lounge reclines manually. This seats nine folks if necessary, and one and a half in the chair and one on the ottoman. We are also very comfortable, and should one of us lose lower body strength (one of us being ME) then the power recliners allow me to be comfortable without having to fight with gravity to get in and out of the reclined position. The armrest also has two LED illuminated cupholders and a charging station and storage drawer. This has helped me so much already… I don’t have to have a rigged-up power strip laying over the couch to keep me from falling all over the end of the couch to get to a power outlet to charge my computer, or my phone, or the remote control. We keep Kleenex (and maybe some snacks) in the drawer, and it makes everything super convenient, especially on days when getting up and down is difficult for me. The upholstery is made from the “back side of leather” so it is super soft, does not feel like leather but has a great look. The pets clearly love it too. I spent five minutes trying to get them to move for this picture and then I was finally like, whatevs, they live here too……

So, when it comes to seating- for you and your tribe- have you thought about any special needs that you can make room for others? Is your couch too low? do you have any furniture on wheels that may not be stationary for someone who needs extra support to stand up? Do coffee tables impede your ability to walk freely up to a piece of furniture and have a seat? Is your grandma’s rocking chair with the broken arm sitting there waiting for it’s next victim? Do you have enough seating for a couple of guests to feel welcome? Just some food for thought….

You know what’s up next, right? I mean, when you sit on the couch, you are looking at it!