The Red Door, and the soapbox….

When I think of a front door of a house, “focal point” comes to mind. Sometimes the front door is not actually the focal point, but when I look at most homes, it is. Then, I think about how the front door then begins to speak of the identity of its owners. Did they think about the door? The style? The color? Or Was it already that color when they moved in? Are there numbers on the door, or are they somewhere else? Is there a mail slot in the door or the wall? Can you see in the door, or is it solid and private? Does it feel welcoming? 

For some reason, I like to think that our front door is welcoming in its bright red hue- maybe it’s simply because red is a warm color. Brandon actually requested that we paint the door red, and I was like, okay Elizabeth Arden (aaaaand he has no idea who this is). So I worked the other colors outside around the red door, choosing neutral shades so the door color can easily be changed later. 

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Also, I “try” to keep up with the seasons and keep something welcoming on the door- i know Valentine’s Day has passed but it’s still February! One thing I didn’t love about my Connally Lane house was the solid door. At this house, we have three lites in the door and also a transom above that lets light come in…..and most of the time, when it’s good weather and Samson is not acting a fool, the front door is OPEN and the glass storm door is our only barrier to the outside.

Speaking of Samson, making room for him is important too! When he was a puppy, I found this handy-dandy bell that hangs on the inside doorknob at a local winery, and i thought maybe I’d teach him to use it. He actually does! He uses it when he needs to go potty but also to get attention…because he is spoiled.

Here is the soapbox part, about doors:

Y’all. Why aren’t ALL doors in a house 36” wide??? I know, I know. The front door usually is 36” so this is not a good time to talk about it… Ok, but why can’t we make ALLLLLL the doors in the house 36” wide? Especially a new construction project. What in the world? (This is southern speak for why are you doing it this way- this is messed up)

Here is a link to a common interior door, 32” vs 36”… at Home Depot. Please, just take a gander at the price difference:

$1.00 per door. WHATTTTTTT. OMG. 

If you are going to build a house, please spend the extra $15.00 and get 36” doors!!!! I will give you the money!!!! Other than making room for someone in a wheelchair or someone needing a mobility device, there are so many more reasons to do this. You could need to move a large piece of furniture, you may need special equipment in a room, medical or otherwise for yourself or friends or family you may be entrusted to care for. I can talk all day about the benefits of larger doors. Just let me know where to send the $15.00 check, and you can tell me later how it has helped you. We’ll talk more later about what to do if you can’t reframe all the doors in your house to be larger- it’s not the end of the world!

Lastly, I’m including a picture of the front porch swing, so you can see our little southern snow shower yesterday afternoon! 

We will have some foyer fun next time 🙂