Welcome to Our House :)

Everybody walks into our home and says “I LOVE your house.” We get comments like: “It’s so open, yet cozy and warm”, “It is so ‘easy’ to live in”, “your kitchen is so intuitive, I know where stuff goes”, “I LOVE your bathroom” (we will tell you WHY in another post), “Everybody can be here and it still doesn’t feel crowded”, and even “I really could take a nap right now.” What they don’t see is WHAT makes it this way. It was planned, every square foot of it. So I will begin the blog with traveling through the house, showing you the WHY and some products that we have integrated that we love. Also from time to time I’ll just take a break and share a product or a topic that I just think is interesting.

So what made us want to build a house? I guess you need a little bit of history…

A spring chicken 24-year-old version of Ruth Ann bought a home in North Raleigh back in 2004. It was AWESOME- a great story-and-a-half cottage in Falls River. I loved that house. I mean loved it. There were two bedrooms, a bath and a laundry closet downstairs, with an open living/dining/kitchen. Then upstairs… a great master suite with a sitting area, a great closet and a nice bath… Oh, and two walk in attic spaces! I was diagnosed with MS in 2006, but the house was great for me for many years. It held many guests, a best good friend for a few months, an almost husband, and then a real husband in 2014. Making room for Brandon, yet another story…

Not long after we got married, it became apparent to us that it couldn’t be our forever home. Brandon and I both struggled with the stairs, the laundry was downstairs and the closet was upstairs….but the biggest problem was that it was “mine”. We needed something that would be “ours”. So we started looking for land to build a one-story house. Y’all. Try to find a neighborhood ANYWHERE that you can build a one story house. So, a way was made, thanks to God and my Mama. We were able to get an acre of land right in the middle of where our life happens to build a home. Everything fell into place, the home designer, the builder, the superintendent, the everything. You know when things work out, they are meant to be. We moved in at the end of November, 2016.

The picture above is a cross stitch hanging at the front door my Great Aunt Dink made for me some years ago. It’s my favorite thing about our house. She was one of many who taught me about being welcoming. Their home was always open to me.

So next post, we begin at the front door!