What we’re doing to protect you from COVID-19….. just joking……don’t stop reading….

Y’all. Are you tired of reading that yet??? Many of the emails I have stopped to skim through have said they care about my well-being and safety first. Some of the places I am getting said email from do not know me from Shinola, nor do they care! I won’t name any names…. but DoorDash does not know what snotty-nosed infected gig driver is delivering my Outback. Worst case scenario. Anyway, I digress from the purpose of this blog. But we really can’t even Make Room For Everybody, at least in the traditional way right now! “Everybody” has got to stay home!

So we are hunkered down at home. My less-than-a-year-old immune system would not do well with some disease we don’t know how to treat yet. Please stay home if you can. I am. Maybe it will be over soon, and we can go back to living. As of this afternoon’s grocery order, we will have a disproportionate amount of food to toilet paper, and not in favor of the toilet paper, but we have bidet seats. That’s another post, which maybe I should move up in line. Y’all need one. or two. or three, or how many ever toilets you have! “It’s for washing your backside, Mate”-Crocodile Dundee

So- let’s talk about it. How do you do this thing and stay sane at home? If you are blessed enough to have children, you get to wrangle them in and help them with virtual learning all while working from home as best you can, and cooking, and cleaning (this is something that is super hard for me, because my cleaning lady/angel can’t come right now). Then, your second blessing is if you AND your husband both get to work from home (praise Jesus we both have offices….) I am not going to lie, this week has been hard for me. Here is some stuff I have decided:

  • The crazy hoarders are going to run out of space and/or money soon. There is no way they poop that much unless they have already eaten all the beanie weenies they bought. We will have some toilet paper next week, or the next one max.
  • We do need to stay home and just be in contact only with our family that lives in our house. If someone in our house does have to go out to work, shop, etc. they should exercise caution. I have heard to leave shoes in another area or outside even, and take work clothes off at home and wear different things in the house. Shower after coming home if necessary. Y’all know I just went through this…. and Brandon went to work every day. If you really want to get technical when you go out, a mask and gloves won’t hurt. Keep antibacterial wipes in your car if you can get some. That way if you need to get gas or get out of your car you can santitize surfaces that you may come in contact with.
  • Stay connected with friends outside home virtually. It is never good to isolate yourself, don’t add depression to the list! We have texting, FaceTime, facebook, phone, email…. stay in touch with your peeps. Encourage each other! Multiply this encourage part by 10 if you have friends or family who have jobs that put them at risk every day.
  • Check in with your neighbors, the ones who need you will take you up on it! If you are able to get out and help, or share in a grocery delivery, or pick up things for somebody when you do have to go out, do it!
  • This is an absolutely confining situation, but maybe it’s what we need right now as a country, to be FAMILIES again. AT HOME. Play games, interact, show interest, try new things, hobbies, enjoy the blessing of being together. TALK to each other. Yes, we will get irritated with each other when we have had “too much” family time but maybe we can work to get a balance of personal time, family time, and work time that we can all thrive through. Love your spouse. There is no time like the present to work as a team. We are not doing an excellent job of this yet at our house, but we are trying, and that’s where you start!
  • Wash. your. hands.
  • Go outside when you can! Fresh air is good, Sammy and I have been taking some walks to the mailbox 🙂

I know, I just rambled alot. Figured we needed some comic relief, and I just needed y’all for free therapy. I’m telling myself all of the above things. Back to the house tour next time, or maybe we will talk about vacation, or bidets. Or all of them….. Be the match below that backs away and saves the rest. Til next time!